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iKiosk - MObile, Telephone, Utility & Other Bill Payment Kiosk iKiosk is a truly Sri Lankan company makes your life easier with e-Payment solutions

About iKiosk

Our multi-purpose bill payment kiosks offer customers a secure, easy & convenient payment solution 24x7. It allows the user to make payments and get their receipt immediately instead of waiting in a long queue at a bill payment counter. Through ‘iKiosk’, customers could pay their Utility Bills including Telephone, Mobile, Broadband, Data Package, Electricity, Water and for other services such as Insurance, Lease rentals, Loan installments, Doctor channeling, Movie/event tickets, etc.

iKiosk - ePayment Solution

It’s a robust machine equipped with a modern and intuitive user interfaces, and embedded with powerful software giving full flexibility for usage and connectivity to back-end systems. Our technologically advanced high performance machine combines superior hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security.

Consumer Benefits

• 24/7, 365-day service availability

• Online real-time payment processing and account update

• Simple, user friendly interface and fast track the payments

• Secure customer validation

• Up-to-date bill presentment

• accurate posting of payments with instant confirmation

• Services in English, Sinhala and Tamil

Business Benefits

• 24/7, 365-day customer service

• Self-service solution saving labour cost

• Reduce operational costs

• Turnkey self-serve bill payment solutions

• Alleviate long line-up at payment counters

• Reliable and rugged kiosk hardware

• Best-in-class bill payment processing platform

• Potential customer attraction to business locations

• Real time data and useful analytics

• Central monitoring capability

Our Partners

We work closely with all of our service providers

Our Services

‘We work closely with all of our service providers to provide back-end integration, allowing them near real time recognition of revenue, visibility, control, and ongoing support for their deployments. Our system is capable of customizing to enable the bill payment and information services to cater the special requirements of our clients.

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